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Originally Posted by WillyC27 View Post
I take my quiver off and hang on a hook

and always nock an arrow also hanging on a hook for the bow to be ready at all times while in the tree

I never hold the bow but it has to be within easy reach while looking at the deer....I try not to take my eyes off the deer while in's very easy to make too much movement when on stand and the bow movement will alert them very fast

I use a full body harness

Me too

I use one of those Ez Hangar(or something like that) that you screw into a tree and it has several pivot points and I can have the bow right where my left hand can slip right into it very easy

STAY ON YOUR TOWS, LOT of movement has to take place that does not have to happen with a gun so soon as you see something you are going to shoot get ready first chance you have, quickly but quietly and with as slow a movement as possible

Also make sure when you shoot to shoot to opposite side of the deer, almost see where you want the arrow to come out. Keep in mind also that this is not a rifle bullet, while I have shot many deer through the shoulders you actually want to be just behind the shoulder to avoid hitting bone if at all possible( I have seen a lot of newbies fall to this when shoot a deer with a bow for the first time)


When that arrow flies and hit home it is better than SEX(Admiral is DAMN GOOD TOO) but NOTHING LIKE IT