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Originally Posted by Elusive View Post
Backup data only, no need to backup programs

I am also not comfortable with online backup, and physical storage is cheap

For desktop machines, I order them with 2 HDD that are setup in a RAID 1 where one
drive mirrors the other. If 1 drive fails, you replace it and lose nothing (including programs)

I store all data on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. The NAS is backed up to multiple places daily including my desktop so I can get to anything quickly if necessary.
The problem I have with RAID setups is ... well, at least with our RAID (3ware controller) ...

We're using a simple RAID 1 on most of our servers. Then we back up to another server at a different physical locations every night. But even with our RAID 1 ("mirroring" two hard disks), the data on the hard disk is encrpyted. Anyone who plugs in the hard disk won't see anything but a bunch of junk. I mean this server is now 5 years old. But from what I understand from the documentation way back then ... is that the encryption is tied to the RAID controller itself.

Of course the whole point of encryption is to make it very difficult to break. So if you lost that RAID controller, lets say it burns up or gets physically do you recover the data on your encrypted hard disks? YOu can't plug in a different RAID controller, the encryption keys are different.

Maybe I'm wrong and read the documentation incorrectly. Maybe things have changed in the last 5 years since I bought a RAID controller.

RAID is too complicated for home use IMO. Besides, how much is it going to help if the computer gets stolen?
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