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Originally Posted by spraynet 1 View Post
Feel free to pm me with whatever hip replacement questions you may have. I have had both hips replaced, mine were done 8 years apart. I just had my right hip replaced 55 days ago and all is good. If you don't mind discussing on an open forum such as this I will answer whatever questions you may have as well.

I do know two individuals that have had both replaced at the same time. One went very well, the other not so well.

The recovery has a LOT to do with the individual personality, ie: If they have a good attitude and work ethic, most all issues can be overcome. If on the other hand the person is generally "The glass is half empty" type of person, that plays a major role in recovery in my opinion.
Thanks all for the info, at this point I'm just waiting for the pain to get bad enough. I have not had any injections in my left, and have had two in my right. They really help but are only good for about 6 months. I'm allowed three total so I'm saving the third for a rainy day.
For me having the surgery and any PT is the easy part, been thru it with my back. The bad is the no driving for 6 weeks which I've been told by two doctors, one at Penn the other at Rothman. I'll go freaking stir crazy (I drive about 25 miles to work one way) I don't mind the time off since I have Aflac.

In hindsight I should have skipped the 4 years of college Lacrosse and 2 years of Rugby
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