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Originally Posted by cowdogs View Post
Any damage to LineX at all? How is it to clean? Would you say it still looks new?
I want to chime in on this. The Line-X is not as hard as gel coat and like anything it can be damaged. There are pros & cons to both. The Line-X has flex and will take impact better then gel coat but can wear like gel coat. There is a certain level of performance that I wanted out of the new Line-X XS650 system. It has taken our shop 3 years of solving issues to get where I want to be with it. What we are doing is not as simple as just spraying Line-X XS650 and we are keeping things very close to our vest at our shop. I get calls everyday from other shops. If they want to learn then they can sink the blood sweat & tears like we did.
I wanted unlimited UV performance and an easy to clean non-skid.

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