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There is a guy over on the MBC forum trying to find a spot for a sub. I don't think there are many good locations in this boat for a sub. Getting audio while running is difficult due to all the wind and engine noise. You need speakers mounted almost like head phones. So adding your third pair further back, probably won't help much while running, and I am not sure where you are planning on mounting them, but that is where the rod holders are and there is not much in the way of mounting depth there. I do not recall how much space there is over the rod holders. I think just having good speakers with good power is your best bet and you got that. Additionally, I would set the low pass/high pass to 45Hz high pass. Your speakers can't reproduce 45Hz and below worth a darn. You are going to make your speakers work easier, and your amp work easier by removing the frequencies that your speakers can't reproduce anyways.
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