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I decided to go with the M600/4 and 2 pairs of M770s. Still dialing in the amp and EQ, but the system is very clear and loud. Since I don't have a sub, I turned the High Pass / Low Pass filter off. Is this the normal protocol? The speakers do have a lot of bass for their size, but I accidently bottomed them out a few times during my set up, while playing some music with a lot of bass and messing with the gain and EQ. So I do see the benefit in having subs as BradV mentioned, they would round out the sound and put less stress on the coaxials. Maybe in the future I'll add them, but I'm happy for now as it is a major improvement over the stock Sony's and will be easily heard while running offshore.

Here are some pics of the install done by R.J. Marine:

Amp in the console, with connections hidden underneath the vinyl access panel to the electronics. Had it mounted on 1/4 spacers to allow the amp better cooling.

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Thanks for the help guys!
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