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I doubt it will improve much at 50 kHz regardless of transducer, in fact, my experience has been that the more powerful and more sensitive the transducer, the more noise they oick up at speed and hence worse reading.

My B744 (same single element as P79) holds bottom perfectly with 200 kHz at 40 MPH, where as the 50 kHz breaks up a bit. I have the 7 element SS264 50kHz als installed, and it breaks up even more at speed, breaking up badly at over 25 MPH. Although the flush mount SS264 is not as good as the performance fairing mounted B744, I think the increased sensitivity results in it being more affected by turbulence.

From people I have spoken to, CHIRP transducers are even more affected at speed, requiring the best mounting (read performance fairing) you can get.

I doubt you will impove 50 kHz performance at speed.
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