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Default JL MHD600/4 and 4 M770s vs. M600/6 and 6 MX770s

I'm comparing two different options for my Cobia 237. I just got back from running to the Bahamas, and the stock system, Sony Headunit and two pairs of Sony 6.5 speakers, was difficult to hear while underway. I'm also looking for a little bit more bass, but don't want to add subs at this point. Here's what I'm considering, please let me know your thoughts.

Option 1: $1,130
JL Audio MHD600/4 and 2 pairs of M770's. The speakers would go in the factory mounting positions as indicated below. With the current 6.5's I lose sound in the cockpit and it was hard to hear at the console while underway. But maybe the extra power will help alleviate this?

Name:  cobia237se_floor2M770s_zps5103437b.jpg
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Option 2: $1,070
JL Audio M600/6 and 3 pairs of MX770's. I would use the factory mounting positions and add one more under the rear gunnels (if there is enough depth). I think that this would give me even sound throughout the boat and may be easier to hear while underway. But I don't know what I would be giving up in quality/bass by going down to the MX series.

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What would you do? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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