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Default I would not use straight bunks for a stepped hull boat.

I have a Contender 35ST (Stepped Hull) on a boat lift. I would not use straight bunks for a stepped hull boat because it places undue stress at pressure points not designed to bear considerable weight of a 10,000 + pound boat instead of spreading out the load along a long stretch of the running surface. Those steps are not solid fiberglass, they are cored, which can lead to pressure point damage very easily.

In addition the sharp corners and angles of the steps can be more easily damaged when loading or unloading the boat on a straight bunked lift.

I had my boat lift installer measure my boat bottom, custom design and then fabricate stepped bunks for my boat's lift. These bunks were placed alongside the inadequate bunks sent by the boat lift manufacturerer. The custom fabricated stepped bunks spread the load along a larger area of the boat's bottom rather than allow pressure points in a small area.

Attached are photos of the Custom Stepped Bunks
and then the Photo of my Stepped Hull boat sitting on the bunks which fit like a glove to the bottom.
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