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Originally Posted by Qb1rdman View Post
Marked exists? What exactly did they read?
I grew up in Miami, but moved out in early '70s, go back as little as possible, so this is (somewhat) hearsay. Maybe a local can confirm or correct me.

My parents remained until mid '90s and told me that after a rash of tourist murders that stemmed from taking "bad" exits...

for examples, see

...the locals put stickers on the signs for the bad exits, and publicized their meaning through tourist information outlets. I'm guessing they were the functional equivalent of a skull & crossbones.

When certain Professional Whiners (you know who, they were out in force in Sanford last year) realized that there was one connecting characteristic of the neighborhoods served by the "bad" exits, they raised a stink. The locals, ever willing to please, removed the warning stickers, and instead, put "sunshine face" stickers on exits it was considered safe to use.

Sure enough, the PW's caught on to this subterfuge, and noticed that these stickers pointed out exits that lacked the same characteristic that inspired the danger stickers. The sunshine stickers were then covered with FDOT green square stickers, about 1' square. I have personally seen these signs - you could see the outline of the sunshine sticker underneath.

OK, Miami locals - anyone remember this? Early to mid 90's IIRC.

Be sure to read the "examples" link I posted. Fascinating tales, told succinctly.
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