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We've lost a couple dogs to cancer. One to liver/spleen involvement, and the other was a blood-borne cancer. Both times, it sucked. To watch them wither away to a shell of what they once were was unbelievably painful. It was expensive, but we would gladly have paid to keep them healthy--they were both around 9-10 years old.

I am a human medicine physician (retired), so I really don't know that much about skin cancers in dogs. In humans, there are various types of skin cancers--and usually they are very treatable, if caught early. The exception is malignant melanoma which is very nasty. I don't know what type of cancer they diagnosed in your dog though, so until you have that information it might be hard to determine a prognosis. However if they've told you that the dog should do fairly well, then my impression is that they are reassured by the pathology report. You can also research it on your own of course, simply using Google.

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I definitely know where you're coming from. These animals get to be a part of the family and we consider ours to be like children. So your dog is in our prayers, and we sincerely hope that things turn out well. If there's any way I can help interpret information, just let me know by PM. I can shoot you an email address as well, if that will help.

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