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Default Dog Diagnosed with Cancer Today-EDIT: UPDATED 6/3/14

Our shepherd/lab mix is 9 years old and like many, she has her share of lumps. We had one mass removed from her belly area a few years ago and it was not cancerous.

She has a knot on her neck that the vet felt was suspect so they did a needle biopsy last week. A few minutes ago my wife got the bad news. It is some form of skin cancer, but I don't know any more details.

The plan is to remove the tumor next Monday and determine if it has spread.

Our vet is a small sole practitioner who my family has used for 40 years. The current vet has been there about 25 years and he is a really good guy. We have gone through several animals with him and he is very practical and I have never had the feeling he was "runnng the tab".

Any words of wisdom? My wife is a mess.
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