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First, Let me state that I have no love for GE.

However, I will play Devil's Advocate here.

They are replacing the one that burned and they are offering you some money off of retail purchase of the 2nd one that you have. Your post states that they recalled 1.3 million machines and "fixed" them." Yet, even though both of yours had the warranty work performed, one still went on fire.

Do you have any statistics, or at least some research, into how many machines still had the issue after the warranty fix was performed? Is it on the internet that others had fires even after the warranty "fix?"

It is simply not feasible for them to be able to replace the "fixed" machine without it having any problem simply because your wife is scared of it now. Are they supposed to simply replace 1.3 million machines even after they "fixed" them?

More information is needed here; specifically, how effective the warranty "fix" was/is. If there are others out there that have gone on fire after the "fix" than you have a valid issue and the manufacturer needs to step up to the plate with either another "fix" or a better offer on replacement. However, if you can find no other instances of this happening to other "fixed" machines, then I think you need to decide if you want a different brand, a new GE with the $100 off, or live with the one that did not have the fire and was "fixed" under warranty. Without more supporting information that the machine is still unsafe, I do not think there is anything to do to "take the issue further." I do not think a lawyer would take a case such as that - unless you agree to pay his/hers fees which will very quickly amount to much more than buying a new dishwasher would be.

Again, I have no love for GE and certainly no affiliation, I am just trying to offer another perspective. If I were the OP, I would be very pissed and I would do as another suggested above; let them replace the machine that went on fire and then sell both and buy a different brand that I have more confidence in and move on.