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My daughter came home from school today! and got a glass of water from our GE "smartwater" refridge.when she took the glass away, the water didn't stop coming AT FULL POWER. she called me in a panic, water pouring all over the floor. I got her and luckily a friend she had over ,to tag team with pots and pans till I could get there to shut off the water! I tried to guide her on the phone to the water shutoff, shes 12 and all stressed out at this point, It wasn't happening.
The door on this unit was replaced in it's 1st year,never really worked right.
THE POINT: yes, GE is Friggen expensive CRAP. never again.
By the way, anyone have a clue how to repair this . I believe its electronic and not a mechanical problem.

"They don't care about me or my satisfaction one bit. It's a terrible way to do business. "
absolutely how I felt when they replaced the door,it was under warranty and still a battle.
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