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Default My GE Dishwasher caught on fire! GE IS THE WORST!!

A couple years ago GE came out with a recall for 1.3 Million dishwashers due to a risk of fires withing the control panels. I have two dishwashers in my kitchen (which is awesome) and had the recalls performed on both.

So Thankfully I was standing right next to my dishwasher the other night when I smelled burning wires. Not five seconds later black smoke was billowing out of the dishwasher. I blasted down to my basement and killed the power as fast a I could and it was over. It happened so fast that there's no doubt the house would have burned even if I had been in the other room. Crazy!

So my wife won't use the other dishwasher because she's too fearful and I don't blame her. GE is replacing the burnt unit but they are only willing to give me about $100 off list on replacing the other unit since they say "there's nothing wrong with it". It's a high end unit with a $1200 list. I'm getting nowhere with there customer support and they refuse to escalate me to higher level.

So, What do you think is fair concerning the second unit and what do you think I should do about it? I don't want to get attorneys involved because it's just not my style.


It felt good just to vent a little.
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