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Default State Farm Homeowners

I know we all have our tales of homeowners insurance, so here's mine.
About two weeks ago, I had occasion to go up in my detached garage's attic. There I found three split rafters, one of which was completely separated from the roof. During Sandy, some six months prior, I found a maple limb on the roof, but no hole, so I didn't bother checking further at that time.

Called State Farm, who has insured me for over 40 years. Claims guy asks a ton of questions. I get local contractor to estimate roof repair. SF sends an adjustor to look it all over. He finds a ton of little things extra. Like gutter, fallen oak tree removal (even though some friends did it) hauling stuff away, he asked if the power was out and would I estimate lost food, he saw a hole in the driveway caused by the tree, and more.

I got a check today for almost twice what the roof estimate was. If I didn't have the contractor's estimate, I probably would have gotten more.

So, I guess I'll stick with State Farm.
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