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Originally Posted by jobowker View Post
i don't see it as invalid at all.

Smartphones and tablets are outselling PC's by an ever increasing margin, so that means, unless they can increase their market share in the smartphone/tablet market, they will start to lose business.

That does NOT mean that computers as we know them will go away, but it does mean that they may play a less prominent role.

You can run enterprise level linux systems for servers. Both Android and OS X are linux based operating systems.

I have an HP laptop, Motorola tablet, and Samsung smartphone.
Wife has HP laptop, Ipad tablet, and HTC smartphone.
Daughter has no laptop, samsung tablet, no phone, and Ipod touch (she's 8).

So today, Microsoft is running on 2 out of 8 devices in our home.
Five years ago, Microsoft was running on 4 out of 4.

While an ipad won't run the items listed above, you can have linux based scada systems, and Asterisk VOIP is linux based. The point is, more and more things can be done without windows, so they are becoming less relevant. An ipad doesn't need to run your office for windows to become less relevant, nor does it mean you'll use them for everything. That said, on my last business trip I only needed to read some documents, go over a powerpoint presentation, catch up on some email, and then I watched a movie. I did it all on my tablet, which was far less hassle than firing up my laptop.

Would I create a powerpoint on it? Absolutely not. Would I do heavy document editing on it? No way. Do I find myself using the tablet more and the laptop less? Yes.

As operating systems and hardware improve, I can see someday my phone will pop into the back of my tablet, which is nothing more than a shell display and battery. Then I can remove my phone from the back of the tablet and slide it into a slot in my docking station and turn it into a PC.

My previous laptop (not the one I have currently) had an 80gb hard drive. Right now, my smartphone has 64gb of storage. Not really that far behind, timewise.

Actually..OSX is a Unix based operating system.

And just about everything you stated was for personal use, not for a business, enterprise class environment. Even if every business that uses Windows (in any flavor) wanted to get rid of it tomorow (and many would love to get rid of the licensing fees), they simply couldn;t move that fast. I'd bet there is still a >30% share of Windows 2003 Server in use in businesses..and thats an 11 year old OS. Windows 2008 really didn't start taking off as a platform until about 2009-2010. Windows Server 2012, with its many changes, may take 2-3 more years to grab market share. But it will continue to increase.

And thats where the money is made. Microsoft has to sell a ton of $80 Windows home / personal use licenses to equal a years worth of just one mid size companies licensing fees for desktops, Office, SQL, CRM, Exchange and a ton of other business apps used everyday.

VMware has said for years that they were working towards having an OS free virtual environment; where the application uses an open source language and directly speaks to the hypervisor, eliminating the need for an OS (ANY OS) altogether. I heard that at least 2 years ago; It hasn't made a ding in any market yet.

So yeah..I agree..that article is crap.
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