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Default Yesterday at Walmart- .22 LR ammo purchase!!!!

So, cruising the local Walmart and I wandered to the firearms counter. WAIT- I see boxes of CCI Mini Mags for $7.29. I wait at the counter for an employee to help me. A minute or so later, another customer wanders up to the counter. Then a clerk comes to help.

Me- "I see CCI Mini-Mag .22LR on that shelf. I want to buy 3 boxes (the posted limit on ammo purchases)". Other customer looks distressed. Clerk- "Hmmm- only 2 boxes here." Other customer drops his shoulders in total defeat. Me- "Hey, pal, I'll buy one, you buy the other." Shooters should stick together in these troubled times, right? Other customer perks up.

Clerk sells me a box first. Clerk- "Is this for a handgun?" Me, without hesitation- "No." Clerk takes money, bags order and I start to walk away. Clerk asks other customer "Is this for a handgun?" Other customer- "What difference does it make?" Oh, God, didn't he get a clue from my answer? As I was walking away, I heard those two jawboning about the difference between buying .22LR for a handgun vs. a rifle. Talk about pointless...
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