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Originally Posted by Jrgoss0311 View Post this is one of the ones i really like. Any thoughts on it?
As "abbor" points out, there's a lot of value there in one neat package, IF what it offers happens to be what you want.

But at the same time, it is VERY limited some some significant ways. It is strictly a stand-alone chartplotter/fishfinder, with essentially no networking or expansion capabilities whatsoever. So for example, you can kiss goodbye to the idea of ever adding RADAR, or a second display, or side-scanning SONAR. Per, it doesn't even properly support NMEA 2000 (which I personally consider near-unforgivable). In the category of more minor nit-picks, the screen is a bit small vis-a-vis what you could easily fit on your helm; and you would absolutely have to spend another $100-150 on an add-in chart card.

IMO, you can do a lot better.