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No other unit gives so much bang for the buck.

It is combining the BraodBand sounder from HDS with DownScan in a unit with a bright 7" screen with 800x480 resolution.

The screen can be divided in theree vertical windows which are scalable. This allows for using half the screen for charts and two smaller windows for 2D sounder and DownScan.

I had a look at the unit in a shop last week and was impressed by the value for the money. I've been using BroadBand sounder and DownScan for years so I know the base technology very well.

The transducer comes in two versions 83/200/455/800kHz and 50/200/455/800kHz. I recommend 83/200/455/800kHz for 100' and less and 50/200/455/800kHz for deeper waters.