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Originally Posted by triplenet View Post
I believe the 20% effective number is Federal Tax only,,,,, so in California add all the other taxes....

And if I am not mistaken - 50% of the population doesn't pay any taxes - so whats their "fair share"

Zero ?
Thanks to Bush, at least for 12,000,000, yeah. Of course, I didn't vote for him, so I'm not to blame. I think everyone should pay, except the truly impoverished.

Again, there is a simple solution here.

Drop ALL rates at least 20%. Top bracket should be no higher than 25%. Apply it to ALL earnings, and do away with EVERY deduction, with the single exception of setting the tax rte on the first "x" of earnings at 0%, where "x" = the annual poverty rate for the filer.

Problem is, we all love our own government assistance programs too much to go for it. Especially when it's so easy to blame everyone else on government assistance programs.