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Originally Posted by stumprunner View Post
I guess 18-19 would not be too bad, not many 21 cape horns out there. Might look a little more unless you really want 21 cape now.
Originally Posted by Bullshipper View Post
$19K sounds good if its set up like you like with outriggers, good trailer, electronics and its clean like you say, but now that has counter offered, tell him you will make one last try with him to do a deal, and take a slightly lower shot.

This is the newer hull version, right?

Those 225's last forever (like 5000 hrs) so I kinda disagree about repowering cost being a big factor.
I agree with these guys, $19K sounds like a pretty fair deal. I picked up 1997 with a 225 Yamaha for $12.5K last year.......the seller (Dreamweaver21) had three other guys in line after me.

$6,500 more for the same boat that is 7 years newer seems like a good deal to me.

As far as your last question.........I'm not sure I'd consider mine "dry" but it does just fine for a 21' boat. The model you're looking at has a re-designed hull and is supposed to be much drier. The boat is tough as nails, easy to maintain and dwarfs most 21' boats. I feel pretty comfortable in it even when the seas pick up and am confident that the boat will be willing to take way more than I care to handle.

If you do decide to pull the trigger I don't think you will have any regrets.

Lastly, regarding the comment about the re-power..........I'll respectfully disagree. I believe my 225 Yamaha likely has over 2500 hours on it. It starts in seconds and runs all day long not missing a beat. If you follow the advice of long time OX66 owners on this board (search) with some routine maintenence, you should get years of life out of that motor. Sure it might not get similar fuel mileage as a 4 stroke, but you should get an honest 2.5 out of it all day long.

Anyway, good luck.