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Originally Posted by ibgary View Post
No mention of transom mount, Would the TM 265 be ineffective on plane say 15 -18 knots?
While it is certainly possible to get good performance out of them, transom-mounts are problematic in several ways.

First, finding just THE right spot to install them can be a bear, due to the typically restricted available area that is often already largely consumed by many other things (engine lower units, trim tabs, etc.), most of which are major turbulence-makers in and of themselves (thus necesssitating a still-wider berth), and the need to keep them well away from any turbulence-inducing hull features (lifting strakes, steps, etc.) and underwater fittings further forward.

Then there's the matter of getting them adjusted correctly, with just the right amount of immersion, the perfect attack angle, etc. -- the word "fussy" comes to mind.

They are also far more prone to damage (especially on a trailerable boat), due to their very "exposed" nature. For this same reason, they also constitute one more thing to snag fishing lines, tow ropes, etc., upon.

And of course, they are far more vulnerable to theft.

Given all of this, I consider transom-mount transducers to be a "last resort" solution, for those "oddball" situations when none of the other (and generally far preferable) types will work.