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Originally Posted by relay View Post
I am a long time stalker here on the hull truth and have never really posted a lot, but I am reaching out to the boating world on advice. I have sought the advice of many of my friends but it is biased. So here goes my dilema, once a year a large group of friends and myself go to the outerbanks to an island and hang out for a week in the summer. One night a friend of mine took my boat out with a girl and ended up flipping it over. The story of how he flipped it was never too clear, but it happened. They went out about 10:00 at night and the next morning I realized they were not back so I called the coast guard. After many hours back and forth with the coastguard, they called and said my friends were safe and they would bring them back to the island, but I better make arrangements to go and retrieve my boat. By the way the coastguard were awsome to deal with and very professional. After they dropped my friends off they agreed to take us back to land but only one trip. My boat being the only transportation back and forth from the island and floating out in the albamaral sound we took them up on their offer. The coastguard called me a little while later and said a good samaritan had towed my boat to a dock and tied it to a sea wall. This saved me about $3000 which sea tow told me it would roughly cost. I drove to collington harbor to retreive my boat which was upside down and had been in saltwater for about 14 hours. We got the boat flipped over and on the trailer went to autozone and flushed the motor, but never could get it to start. Here is my question. Should my friend pay for a new motor? He is a long time friend of 23 years but has never made an attempt to pay up. I feel as our friendship is over because of this. It has been about 6 months since this happened and he has made no contact with me. I dont know if I should call and tell him to pay up knowing if he has not by now he is not planning too. Just looking to know how I should handle this. By the way the boat was a carolina skiff j14 with a 25 hp, not really a boat to take out in the albamaral sound 10:00 at night. Thanks
I'm just curious as to what you did to "flush" the motor. I've dunked a number of outboards over the years, and all I did was pull the plugs, crank the motor over until water stopped coming out, drain the carb(s), and just keep cranking until it fired. Then again, that was in freshwater, but I can't imagine a short term saltwater dunking would make that much difference.

As for your friend, I think you're probably pretty well screwed unless you want to take him to small claims court. Then you still may be screwed depending on the circumstances.