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Originally Posted by too.late View Post
are you having the pipework linex'd as well?
Not now. Its too pretty, and I am trying to keep costs down. May do it down the road if the alum gets beat up.

Originally Posted by cldomson1 View Post
What are you doing for the dive ladder?

And what is Makralon??

Lets plan a trip to meet in the Tortugas by boat. That would be fun. I'll pick up Bubba on my way down.

Armstrong Swing ladder. They are awesome, and the bracket just replaces the bracket from the standard Armstrong ladder, with a couple new holes.

Makrolon (spelling?) is a semi-rigid polycarbonate enclosure material. Marketed under Rainier Windows
Going to model the enclosure after this Everglades: http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listi...oat_id=2540361

Hell yea, count me in for a tortugas trip! Would you trailer to KW or tow to Marco/Naples and run from there?
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