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WOW! I am beyond thrilled at how this is coming out. And as soon as I read about the work Brian and Linex were doing, I knew it was the perfect product for my build. Spearfishing is rough on boats, and in my previous boats I have always been a nervous wreck about tanks, weight belts, and big green fish with spear shafts stuck in them destroying the deck. I can't express how nice it will be to have this level of protection on the deck, and not have to stress it. Sure, drop your weight belts, swing that 60# cobia over the gunwale green as hell with 3 shafts sticking out of it. You can't phase me

Brian, thanks so much for fitting us in, and doing it in such a timely manner while not sacrificing quality! Based on the pictures I am confident it will exceed expectations. I can't wait to see it in person!!

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