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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
Today? Took the generator cooling system (20kw Onan) apart to clean and refurbish, exchanger, FW pump, the works. Adjusted the genset valve lash too. Added a couple coats of varnish to the after deck teak & oak floor as part of refurbish project. Admired cool new stainless steel hatch we put on foredeck this week to replace crapped out old fiberglass one, more of a project than it might sound. (Hatteras 56MY). Busy boat day! Yesterday too, but you asked about today....
And, today, well it was like when you hear the glove snap on to the doctor's hand behind you and he says "this may cause a little discomfort.." as I found out what a new heat exchanger and fresh water pump (at 4000 hours, it was their time) and all the accoutrements ("as long as we're in here why don't we go ahead and ____" are going to run.

Still, as the wife likes to say, it's cheaper than psychotherapy!
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