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I have the 26' Twin Vee which is amazingly similar in hull design. I am very happy with mine. I have read that Ameracat resolved many of the problems that the earlier Twin Vees had. (Scupper drains too close to the water, cheap hardware and a few other issues). FWIW with twin 115's I experience similar speed performance and slightly better fuel economy than a similarly equipped TV26 with twin 140's.

The ride is very smooth in anything less than 5'. Above 5' it is stable and safe. My worst ride to date in mine --- 8-10' following seas... I just could not get a comfortable cruise speed. Too fast and it wanted to spear the back of the waves as we surfed down the face, too slow and you just kinda wallered around in the hole.

I would like to try the 8-10's again in much deeper water where the wave period is different...I might think better than I do now. Good luck with yours - - I am buying a new one as soon as this one (04 model) wears out.