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When I got divorced from my first wife a friend set me up with a friend of his gf. I had just bought a brand new loaded F150 so I picked her up in that. The Restaurant was about 10 minutes from her house and the first question she asked was "Is that truck your only vehicle"? Second question, "so, How much do you make annually"? I politely excused my self to use the restroom and circled around to where the Maitre'd was located. I pulled out a 20.00 and told him that in about ten minutes the woman I walked in with would ask him some questions. I told him to give her the 20.00 and call her a cab. She called me about 15 minutes later screaming about something and I hung up on her. My friends gf called me and started giving me the 3rd degree and I let her know what had happened. She laughed and we still tell the story today.
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