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I was married for 23 years when the wife went nuts in the head, had to get out. Joined a year after the divorce and dated a bunch of women 30-55yo (I'm 46).

Here are a couple of my best dating stories.
1) Dated a good looking women originally from Brazil. On the third date she asked me to meet her at an address she gave me, I assumed it was a restaraunt. The GPS took me to a Toyota Dealer where she waved me down, she was standing in from of the showroom entrance. I pulled up rolled down the passenger window and said "Hi what's going on"? She said her car broke and can I pay for her bill ($1,800) so she can get it out of the garage. I rolled up the window and left her standing there.

2) Dated a cute Pilipino nurse about 4 times, she always wanted to meet me some where for our dates. While planning out the 5th date I told her I don’t mind picking her up at home even though it was out of my way, she went silent for a bit then told me I can’t due to her husband being home. I dropped her.

3) After messaging a women (ok looking, good job) for a week we decided to meet for lunch since we work close to one another. Met her at the restaurant and sized her up, 5-5, 125lbs, D-cup, huge hands and an adams apple

4) Far to many that were 10 years older than their picture, fat or just plain crazy.

Finally met a good one that I have been dating for 1.5 years now.
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