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Originally Posted by Wolakrab View Post
If they say "looking for a long-term relationship", be prepared for them to expect exactly that. If you move into the bedroom after a couple of dates, then in their eyes, you are in a long-term relationship. Don't be surprised when the topic of conversation turns to related subjects.
This was my rookie mistake with the first one - I refer to her as "training wheels." She clearly stated - long term relationship. She also had a picture of her cat, and of a butterfly in her profile. I should have known when she quoted the movie "Pretty Woman" 8 or 9 times and made reference to Richard Geere's character when I told her what I did for a living. "Are you fawking kidding me? That's not at all like what I do...."

Chalk it up to a rookie move on my part.

So right now I have a spread pattern back behind the boat with about 8 lines out. By lines - I mean just that - my "power opener" emailed to them. One that I would really like to respond is on Match - but my profile pictures are down right now as I wait the requisite amount of time to pass before putting them up again (simply to make the one above not think I used her). What a gentleman I am!
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