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Caveat Emptor. I went through the scene 8 years ago. I should have gotten a credit on my tax return for feeding all the dis-functionals in Pittsburgh. I was always amazed at the "dates" that would drop me after the first date. I'm no romeo, but not the bottom of the barrel. They would always say, welll there just isn't any "Chemistry". Baby, people don't get divorced over lack of chemistry. I'm worried about getting ripped off in divorce court. I'd say it takes a long long time to know somebody. And you really get to know somebody if money is on the line. I couldn't agree more about your observation about how they all want to travel...."on your dime". And talked with one who, after never meeting me and was just getting a first call, wnted to know everything about my divorce. What caused it, yadda yadda yadda, before she would go out with me. I told her I really needed to know the balance in her checkbook before I could ever go out with her. Of all the nerve. Theree ARE al lot of disfunctional people out there. Don't get too desperate, and don't invest a lot of your money wining and dining them. Meet for drinks, feed them the same bs that they feed you. Good luck.. It reminds me how much I hated the game playing.
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