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Rules of thumb from my extensive experience (granted this is going back around 2004)...

Dating sites defined:

Adult Friend Finder: You'll get a piece of strange... just use a lot of caution (Can't say I know this one from experience) Easiest place to find free strange... most psychos can be found here. 2nd Easiest place to find free strange... the people on often troll here too, just because - if they are on Match AND Yahoo you should be able to hit it in 3 dates or less.

eHarmony: Pretty good service if you want a serious relationship. Some of them are "clock-is-ticking" types and others are too clingy... but your chance for a good relationship can, indeed be found here. I met my wife here -- we were just friends for 1-1/2 years and then started to date...


The way they write and speak about themselves makes it easy to determine who is crazy... the pictures they take -- the way they "cut out" people of the pics, etc... all easy tells...

Ahhh... the online dating scene... seems like many many moons ago... and today... with Facebook... you could troll in old waters too I suppose...

I better show this thread to Mrs. OldPete -- don't want her getting any ideas about me. LOL :D
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