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A good opening line....

Keep in mind guys - this is a numbers game. However - you need to have a good opener when contacting these girls. The majority of the time the ones that contact you first have something wrong with them... bad teeth, disfigurement, lazy eye, etc... Morbid obesity seems to be the commonality of those that contact you first.

Anyway - the opening line is key. I have had a fair amount of success with this one "The Internet suggests that you and I might get along... certainly The Internet would never lie to us would it?" Then followed up with something pretty milktoast - "I was reading through your profile (insert something in common) and tend to agree with The Internet." Again - when has The Internet ever lied or mislead anyone?

I have a few of these baits back behind the boat now... I had one short strike with a response that said "NEVER... if its on the internet it has to be true..." I responded back something witty - but I was drinking pretty good last night and forgot what it was... either way - ball is in her court. I'm trying out some of these baits on throwback fish first - that way when I see the targetted species - I have some confidence of a strike.
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