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Default Adventures in Online Dating

EDIT: This may get a bit long - but I promise a fun ride!

Alright - so a little background on whats happening...

I am recently single after an 11 year relationship (8-1/2 years of marriage) ended. Wife basically checked out and started doing things that I simply can't tolerate. Longish story - but not for now. The divorce was actually pretty decent - I kept everything and she packed her shit and moved out. I have 50/50 of the kids - 5 and almost 2.

Even though it's still a bit early - it's not too early to at least see whats out there and to have some fun. If anything, online e-dating has proven to be a really interesting experience so far. I am currently exploring 3 sites - Match, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid. Each of these sites seems to have its own "personality" thus far.

A few things that I have / am learning...

1) You HAVE to have pictures up if you want to get anywhere. With the single exception of one girl - cute, 40, good job as a nurse, met her on Apparently she dug it when I "waxed poetic" and reached out to me. I was traveling for work for 3 weeks at the time - so we emailed quite a bit back and forth. One thing leads to another, we go out a couple of times and have a good time together. Did that a few times until things started to get weird. Even though I was very clear that my schedule was packed, there was no "assumed obligation," and that I am basically an emotional cripple - she assured me that "this is what it is." Needless to say - not the case. She started dropping little hints about a longer term commitment that were as suble as a gun. Phrases like "I cant wait for you to heal after your divorce so we can be together long term" and "when will I meet your kids" set the alarms-a-ringin! Had to break that one off - but did it in a way that we still talk... just in case!

2) EVERY chick on these sites all say the same shit. They like to travel. They are fun loving and easy going. Most of their profiles basically say one thing - but what they "mean" is this: I would LIKE to travel on your dime. I'm fun and easy going as long as you are doing what I want to do and spoiling the shit out of me.

3) Those that have witty, sarcastic, a bit edgy profiles appear to be REALLY jaded.

4) I have not yet learned what is a better approach to writing my own profile... I have one that is honest, sincere, and pretty much like all the other guys out there - "Honesty, family guy, likes to have fun, blah blah, blah...." It's kind of the "what I think a chick would want to hear" while actually being honest. The other is more "biting, sarcastic, accutely funny with a hint of smartassery" in it.

5) The idea of window shopping for someone to meet is an interesting concept. However - you can pretty much rest assured that these chicks: A) Have used the best possible picture in their arsenal... every now and again one will slip though that you look at and go "WTF - is this even the same person?" You need to watch out for them....that's pretty much the photo grenade that can blow it all up - no matter how hot they appear in the other pictures. Remember - this is superficial window shopping at first - so you need to assume that the worst picture is the most representative. B) Stretched the truth about what they are looking for or completely misrepresented it. C) Have outright lied about their professionalism. A good example of this - there was one girl that found my profiles on both OKCupid (OkStupid) and POF. At the time - my pictures were up on one and not the other. 2 different names as well. She found me on both sites and basically said the same thing. I have to assume at this point that she was window shopping profiles based on the listed income alone. Insider Tip: If you are okay with meaningless relations with this type of girl - just list your salary as over $150K... that seems to be the sweet spot to attract them like moths to a flame. Anyway, after reading through her profile - which lists $30k as her salary - over and over again she made reference to wanting to find someone who is established professionally. Great - no issues there. But the specific nature of her "wants" set off the alarms... CEO, Executive, someone who she can "take care of" if they take care of her. Ahhhh.... a wolf in sheeps clothing. She's posing as an entrepeneur - however lists "social media" as her hobby, passion, and profession... I read that as "I use MyFaceTwit and dating sites to find someone dumb enough to take care of me..." Move along darlin... already had that.... don't need it again.

6) This is more of a tip for anyone following along... for some reason a good 6/10 chicks posted a picture of themselves driving that they took themselves. Are you fawking kidding me!!??!!?? Most of the women I know have had a hard enough time just getting to where they are going - much less the inherrent dangers of this. By the way - to date none have appreciated my worldly insight on this matter. Another strange anomoly... most of the women take their own pictures using either (what I call) "The one arm bandit" or using the mirror in the bathroom (public or private doesn't seem to matter). I am leery of those that don't have friends to take the pictures for them... usually I will DQ someone for this - but there have been exceptions. I am equally leery about taking bathroom pictures.

So anyway - this is where I plan to share some of my adventures with you all. I will post pictures as appropriate.....

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