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Originally Posted by Glen E View Post
I mean no disrespect here but I think this is got to be said. I've watched you ask all sorts of questions and I don't think you have an understanding of the basics of the system. It is very important if you're going to hook up a high-powered system to the battery and to other parts of the boat ,you understand how this works. You have an owners manual. Please read it before you ask anymore questions here. There are no wires going from the head unit to the amp, it uses shielded RCA cables as in monster cables. The basic question shows that you have a lot to learn
I say this because I want you safe. Anytime you're going straight to the battery you can take the boat completely up in flames if you don't know what you're doing. Please get some help and stop asking questions one off here , until you have an overall understanding of the system and then we would be happy to answer any questions you have.
Glen, you are correct. I do not have a basic understanding of wiring a stereo. The reason I am asking these questions before having an owners manual is because I want to purchase the correct materials when I purchase the amp and speakers so I do not have to make multiple trips to the vendor, as they are roughly 60 miles away from me. Once I actually have the owners manual in hand, I am confident that I can take it from there, so please excuse the questions that may sound stupid to a pro. I do not do electronics for a living, or as a hobby; I sell steel, and if a total novice were to ask questions regarding the minimum yeild %2 of a 4140 NQ&T P110 material that sounded absurd to me, I would either give him the pertinent information that he was looking for, or I would just not respond to his question. If you feel as though my questions are waisting your time, please just scroll past any of my posts because I will continue to post questions on THT. No offense meant.