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Originally Posted by MikeBador View Post
Garmin is not Amy worse than other brands when it comes to quality.
Definitely user friendly and simple to use.
That being said, I feel that Garmin is a little outdated. Their current system rely on the 4xxx/5xxx technology that is now 7 years old.
The best price/feature/reliability/ease of use currently on the market IMO is the Simrad NSS line.
Sorry Mike, but I could not be comfortable telling anyone to to use a Simrad product, even if their technology is newer. Their customer service and support are horrendous, many dealers won't even sell or service their stuff. It is a disgrace what those people have done to what used to be a great company.

Cutting edge is fine - if you want toys, not if you want a piece of important equipment. Garmin has a solid produuct and their charts are by far the best in the Bahamas and I have used Northstar (old and new), Furuno (several different models), Raytheon, and Simrad. If you want a reliable, easy to use and understand product, backed by a company who understands customer service (although Raytheon has the best customer service) GARMIN has stood out in recent years.