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I love my Garmin 5212 BUT

I have a Northstar 952 and a 10.4 Furuno NavNet on board as well.

The 5212 is the easiest to use, has the most features, and breaks down the most

I can't trust it like my Furuno the Furuno unit is bulletproof, the only issue I ever had was the trackball sticking but as there are ways to use the unit without the trackball so that issue was not fatal

The Garmin.. Well it freezes always has and even with the latest software it stil does, drives me nuts as I use it with NMEA 2000 as the brains of the boat with fuel data and course intel so when it freezes and I do not notice.....I lose how many gallons I burned, was it out 1 min, 5 mins? Etc. I have back up fuel monitoring but the freezing is unacceptable to me and as such has me second guessing the quality of Garmin. I also have had issues with my Garmin Autopilot and XM weather module, both resolved now

Compared to the "plug in and turn on and work" Furuno the Garmin "plug in and update all the time to work out bugs" has me a bit sour but I still like it enough not to replace
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