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Default RADAR question

Hi all. I have a Raymarine 24" 4kW RADAR (the old style, not the Tupperware RADOME).

I haven't used my boat in about 22 months (long story), and when I brought it home last week I started to work on the electronics. I fired up the RADAR while the boat was in the driveway. In the past, I recall the display being cluttered with echoes (my garage, trees, house, etc.) basically just what you'd expect running a RADAR in a neighborhood. This was with the range set at 3NM and less.

When I started in up this time, I didn't see anything. It wasn't until I zoomed the display out to 48NM that I started to see very light clutter on the screen. The gain was set to auto, as was rain and the harbor/offshore setting.

I realize this is pretty vague, but do I need to call a tech? The system worked fine when I laid it up, and the display (RL70CRC+) remembers it's settings (AFAIK) when it's shut down.

Thanks all.