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Yes, Garmins are simple to use, but there are limitations. Some common sense features are missing (cant customize data bars anymore, cumbersome to change settings, waypoints are not shared between units automatically, sea state control is buried in menus, I could go on)

Their pricing for the 4xxx, 5xxx, and accessories are fair. For the 6xxx and 7xxx price point, I think there are better choices.

For many years I had Garmins and they seemed indestructible. My 10 year old GPSMAP 210C still works great. However, in the last couple of years I have had a 4210 fail, an autopilot pump fail, and a VHF 100 fail. All within 2 years of purchase, which makes my MTBF experience poor. Now with this latest update, the 4210's will not turn back on after you turn them off with the power button until you remove input power. Still waiting for an answer on this one.

Yes, they are very nice and willing to fix things out of warranty, but waiting 30 minutes on hold is not a pleasant experience and not having the gear for the better part of a month is also not good.

After telling me several times I did not know how to work it, they finally admitted the 4210 has a design issue with the backlighting that they would not/could not fix.

So yes, I think Garmin's quality is not what it used to be.
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