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Originally Posted by gerg View Post
Not to quibble, but their current line is the 6xxx/7xxx and it was just released last year.
that is simply not correct. The 6000/7000 series was launched in November 2009 (so almost 3 years ago). The 4000/5000 series was launched in June 2007. (so 5 years ago). The 7x0 series was launched in January 2010 - so 2 1/2 years ago.

So I think we are due a major refresh very soon. I guess the new models will be launched sometime this year - together with the "wifi" remote control products like Bluecharts Mobile.

On my santa wish list is a 10 inch touch screen model :-) There is a huge gap in the Garmin range from the 8.4 - 12 inch. Only thing in between is the 4010 and that is very outdated by now.

But despite being so old - I still thing the Garmins hold there stance pretty well. So we can blame the other manufactures for not being innovative enough to put pressure on Garmin to release new products. If it was mobile phones the product cycle would be 9-12 months. Garmin has a product cycle of about 2 1/2 to 3 years. That is incredible when you talk electronics.
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