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Hey guys Its been a life long dream to start out a small online lure business and since I am be getting married next year I figured it was time to try my hand at my dream. What better place to try than on THT. I will start small and stay a small business because all I want is to provide for my family a decent living and good products at good discount prices for all THT members and beyond. Hope you guys and gals like my first selection of products and those to come. Thanks all our valued customers we have opened up a web-store for your convenience! Feel free to PM or email me your orders or just go to our new site. Site is down for work please PM me your orders
[SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]Everyone knows that chugger style lures are extremely effective for just about any pelagic especially dolphin and tuna, even wahoo and sailfish will take a chomp at these bad boys. You can troll them in the wash for that curious fish, mid length or way back for that hail marry pass for that tuna you promised everyone back home. The cup shape head causes plenty of bubbles and movements to entice any predator in the area![/SIZE] Name:  8EAB827C-0AC2-4E24-A9FB-F06E39BE4EEC-4538-000000E90D8E6C67_zps3020bf21.jpg
Views: 550
Size:  215.5 KB Name:  image-3276548875.jpg
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Size:  712.2 KB [ Details 6.5" Set:
  • [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]Each Set comes with a carrying mesh bag
    [SIZE=&quot;5&quot;]Price: $44.99 Shipped in the US and Puerto Rico PM me your orders we can do PayPal or Credit Card Checkouts! Or email me your orders at You can visit our site to shop International shipping available at buyers expense[/SIZE] [SIZE=&quot;5&quot;]Back in stock the 5.5" Kit!!![/SIZE] Name:  image-1928848657.jpg
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Size:  69.6 KB [SIZE=&quot;5&quot;]Details:[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]Each Set comes with a carrying mesh bag [/SIZE]
      • [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]Six professionally rigged lures [/SIZE]
        • [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]Each lure is 6.5 inches [/SIZE]
          • [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]Movable eyes [/SIZE]
            • [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]Small cup shape extra strong polyurethane [/SIZE]
              • [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]Shave protection at both ends [/SIZE]
                • [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]150lb Monofilament Leader [/SIZE]
                  • [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]7/0 Welded Eye Hook [/SIZE]
                    • [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]Double Skirted [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=&quot;5&quot;]The 5.5" kit $39.99 shipped![/SIZE]

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