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Originally Posted by Commocean View Post
Uh, allow me to throw a wrench in the gears regarding the black Sunbrella...I had a black cover on my Panga Skiff, and will never go with black again...

1. It gets so hot that when I'd take the cover off, I couldn't touch the railings, steering wheel, or anything else stainless on the boat. Even the decks were nearly too hot to walk on. Many times taking the boat out later in the day, I'd have to rinse it down with a hose to cool things off.
2. I too thought that the cover being so hot would prevent mold, but it absolutely does not. I had so much mold on the inside of the cover that I'd get a sore throat taking it off the boat. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop or get rid of the mold.
3. This is anectodal, but I think the black gets so hot in the sun, that the life of the waterproofing characteristics is reduced. My black cover stopped beading water after 6 months, while my year-old tan cover still beads water.

I've got a tan cover on my Scout, and it's nice and cool, and mold-free. Based on my personal experience, I'd rethink going with black if it's going to be in the sun full-time...
Was you black cover Sunbrella or another manufacturer?