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No you are not being overly sensitive.
It is rude, inconsiderate and crass for a person to recline their seat until it intrudes in your space to create "comfort" for themselves at your expense. A person who does that is totally without class, a blemish on the human race and a waste of skin.

Sorry to all here who think that just because you paid for that seat you can do whatever you want with it. You are obviously a narcissistic person who thinks the world revolves around your needs, rights and wants. If you are so childish and immature that you believe you have the "right" to cause another person discomfort so that you may enjoy more yourself you are one very sorry and sick individual.

I've been behind a jackass like that myself, who had the audacity to turn around and ask me to get my knees out of his seat back. For Pete's sake!! I was literally wedged into my seat with nowhere to move. What do you want me to do!!?? Saw off some of my femur in order to accommodate your pansy assed "needs"???

I swear airline seating was designed for midgets or Asians who are less than 5'6" not people who are 6'4" like myself. I am the "runt" of my family with my other brothers being even taller than I am. We all detest flying not only because of the seating conditions but also the total jerks who seem to inhabit the seat ahead of us with monotonous regularity.

To all who think they "own" that space, I simply say, Grow up!
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