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Originally Posted by gameon View Post
FYI...you can pay dealers about $500 to buy cars for you at the Manheim auction...I got a great deal on a BMW that way.

Personally, I don't know enough about the auction process, but from what I've seen on TV, buyers don't have any time to actually inspect the vehicles. That would bother me.

eBay buyer protection would have applied in the case of the LR I was looking at, since it seemed to be substantially different from what was represented. I danged sure wouldn't have wanted to test THAT theory, though.

Comically I bid and won ANOTHER 2006 LR3...and this time for $8779! Seller was a first-time seller and had hit the wrong button (he wanted to end auction because he sold the truck). No harm, no foul, on that one since it was an honest mistake and nobody strung anybody along.

What's interesting is that all data-bases now include both the $12100 and $8779 sales, so the price of 2006 LR3s is going to drop in the short term. Silver lining, I think, but a good one for buyers.
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