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The BEST Bamboo is Strand Bamboo. Look at Bamboo Importers website and their Strand Bamboo. It's extremely hard (much harder than regular cut bamboo). No wood product should be used in a wet area, period, but for a basement the strand bamboo is the ticket and you still have to use and properly install a vapor barrier. I have used the Strand Bamboo at our house in Topsail and the condo in Ocean City and have been very happy with it. It feels much nicer than other hardwoods. Prior to installing in the house on Topsail, I submerged the sample they sent me in a bucket of water for 2 days and it did not swell one bit! I was shocked! Dried out perfect, too. Same dimensions as before. Again, I was shocked as I couldn't believe there wasn't any absorbtion.
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