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I am pretty much settled on a 12" mini lathe. I have nt found a mini lathe made in the USA. Like i said earlier, the ones I am looking at are all made by Siego and get very good reviews.

Heres the best info I have found.

There are Yahoo groups dedicated to these and everything I have read has been positive whether you purchase it from Grizzly or HF.....same lathe.

Last week I picked up a large dust collector from HF after reading reviews on the wood working forums. The HF model got great reviews. I have been using it he last couple days and my PVC, dust/chip problem has been cut by 90%. I found a coupon for $100 off in a wood working magazine. I have been told there are HF coupons for the mini lathes in the back of machinist magazines so I will be going back over to the book store
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