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Sorry to hear it bud. Unfortunately the big C runs in my family, and my wifes family so we have seen a lot of this.

My aunt who was like my 2nd mom died at age 52 from cancer. 14 years prior to her death the doctors told her she had 6 months to a year to live. Well being the strong woman she was she beat their estimate by 13 years. Then in one day she went from being her normal self to passing.

For those 14 years she lived her life very well. She always hosted the holiday parties. She wanted all her family to be close to her as much as possible. We (the family) never even talked about her cancer. She didn't either, it was like it never existed.

During that time she also planned her own funeral. None of us knew this. She had a plan laid out and only her husband knew what she wanted. We went to the funeral and it was like a party. Just like the family parties she always planned. There was tons of food, wine, champagne and every other drink you would see at her parties. Even Miller Lite that she knew me and my cousin (her son) drank.

No casket or body. She was cremated so just a gold earn and a huge video screen of home movies from the past 50 years.

She wanted so bad for everyone to enjoy the day just as if it was a party at her house. Packed house too, over 200 people. I didn't even know half of the people there. She didn't want her friends and family standing around crying, but it was hard not to.

I have tears in my eyes just from typing this. She was as close to me as my own mother. She was my fathers sister and we were a very close group.

Stay strong man. It's tough to deal with.
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