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So sorry to hear that, I've been there and done that. Is she at home w/ Hospice? One thing I wished I would have done was ask my mom more about her life and herself as a person. I never knew what she liked, if she had dreams to do something, what accomplishments she did in her life. It would have been proper for me to ask these type of questions and document her life and I know she would have loved it.

My mom loved the outdoors and when she was at my home getting Hospice care I should have put her in a wheel chair and get her outside. It was in the spring and the smells of spring were in the air. I have a lot of regret on how I handled her death. I was just 18 and was taking care of her physically and financially because she had no money. I was working as a department manager @ K-Mart and had a 2nd night job. She died in June and I was left deeply in debt yet I still have regret that I simply didn't think of the things I mentioned above.

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