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Originally Posted by CJS View Post
Thanks for posting.....Where do I turn in my man card??????

Where ever that is, I'm second in line...

I can tell you without an ounce of doubt in my mind, that nobody's death or injury ever affected me, even from close relatives... thats the way my brain is wired... for whatever reason my mind rationalize it like they are better and it had to happen so I do not feel bad on those situations....EXCEPT when there's a kid involved!!!! We own a pediatric therapy clinic. Only once, I allowed one therapist to share the story of a patient... I could not stop crying for the rest of that day... during some moment I was able to control it and put my mind away but 5 minutes later would start hopelessly sobing...
From that time on, everybody here knows that no matter what happens I do not want to know what are the patients diagnostics or story behind them... Only thing I need to know is their name, DOB and insurance #. anything after that is too much information.
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